“I pioneer sounds, visuals and immersive technology that reflect my imagination, passion and my way of seeing the world."

"There are infinite possibilities when creating art, sharing experiences, and that is fascinating.”

Joy Lee is a composer, sound designer, singer and multimedia artist. Early on, she had a fascination with science and human biology, pursued medicine and became a doctor. But her thirsty for artistic and creative work has immersed her in multimedia art.


Majoring in Electronic Music Production and Design at Berklee, has allowed her to understand the timeless connection between art and science. She explores the endless possibilities of artistic expression through cutting edge technology. She strives to create immersive experience to maximize sharing the emotions with audience and she explores immersive technology to combine art and medicine.


Her area of works encompasses electronic music production, algorithmic composition, data sonification & visualization, multi-channel audiovisual installation, interactive live performance and creating immersive digital environments  including virtual reality.


As an Instruo electronic music award and Imogen Heap award winning artist, her works have been presented at Fridman Gallery in New York, at Mass MoCA ISM Hexadome, at Old South Church in Boston and at Multichannel hall at Berklee in Boston.

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