Multichannel sound installation
& Live performacne
Chiaroscuro: in search of light

May 6th 2019,  at Berklee

A Sonic exploration of darkness and light, duality of human emotions

10.2 multichannel spatial sound,

realtime electronic live performance,

interactive visuals with 3 screens

Three movements and themes are

based on Greek mythology

l. Prayer of Achilles
II. Silence
III. Fos : The light

Joy Lee

: Composition/10.2 sound spatialization/

3 screens interactive visuals

Leonardo Foletto

: Modular synth/ Sound processing

Fryderyk Hoang Dong

: Key/Synth/ Sound processing

SOunds Delicious project
: A food fantasia

November 19th 2019, 

at Berklee Cafeteria

A multimedia experience that captures real-life moments and transforms them into music, art, and excitement.

A Exploration of sonic possibilities of all the activities related to food at the Berklee cafeteria through improvised, live sound sampling and processing of on-stage cooking and eating.

Collaborative work with Leonardo Foletto [Sound processing with custom made Max/msp and Csound software]

Composing new music for dance

   December 4th 2019,  Boston Conservatory at Berklee

Premiering Csound composition KAIROS for the "Composing new music for dance showcase" 

Directed by Richard Carrick (Berklee), Brian McGinnis (Boston Conservatory)

Composition : Joy Lee

Choreographer : Leah Abbott

Cello : Bri Tagz

SOUnd replacement
 for movie trailer 

2018. Oct.


Sound Replacement Project for EP 381 

Digital Audio Production Class 

Sky Rim Movie Trailer 

Composition and SOund replacement 
for commercial

2018. Mar. 


Composition and Sound replacement

for commercial Project

for EP 321 Advanced Production 

 algorithmic composition
with c programming  

2019. Dec.


Final Project for EP353

Audio programming in C 

A generative composition based on probability and randomness using csound instruments

Programming in C to generate Csound score based on user instructions

Composition and live performance

2018. Dec.


Final Project for EP 431 MAX Class 

Sound processing and live performance using MAX/MSP

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